web page last updated Thursday 22nd Jan 2004 night

Michael Merkel has released an initial version of a GUI, available from, called GS8Gui. It is different from the GUI mentioned below which he originally sent me. Someone else is working on a totally different GUI concept for gs8, which he is testing out on an Amithlon system.

Due to requests Peer Richter has created an installer script,

DOWNLOAD INSTALLER SCRIPT: by Peer Richter (new update tue.5.aug.2003.530pm)

Michael Merkel is creating a stand-alone GUI for setting the env variables for the viewers.

tue.5.aug.2003.530pm: I have now tried out this GUI which looks very impressive, eg you can set things like whooshw by a mouse click or enter a value for the env-variable overhead. It uses folders a bit like in YAM. So you select a folder and then click on the buttons or enter numbers. Further work needs to be done fine tuning the controls, so its not yet available for upload.

Fri.25.jul.2003: He has sent me a first version which I will attempt to try out as soon as possible, I have to install some other stuff so this will take a bit of time.
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