web page last updated Tuesday 22nd July 2003 745pm

These are the cumulative country webstats for visitors to this website on Monday 21st July 2003.

As a result translators are required!

Study the country list and if you are able to translate, this will be made available on this website. The most important translation will be of instructions.lha. Make sure to familiarise yourself with the program via the english instructions before attempting translation. That way you translate the meaning and not just the words!

The country webstats will tell you how many people are likely to read + use your translation, you can also provide your email address and deal with usage queries if you translate.

atlast.html may also be worth translating,

From the webstats I can tell you how many people viewed your translation! It will help if you publicise your translation on forums in the relevant countries.

To avoid copyright issues the country webstats are done as 2 jpeg files: country1.jpeg and country2.jpeg

You can view them via gs8:bin/whooshjpeg eg thus:

gs8:bin/whooshjpeg country1.jpeg

this will view them in HAM8 on AGA machines, and I think will view them on graphics cards also.
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