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These programs are my own work, the jpeg features use jpeg.library and the iff ones use iffparse.library. All the programs give you usage info if you run them with no arguments or first argument== ? . Turboprint ones use the Turboprint API.

They are all intended for the Amiga GS8 scenario but however are general stand-alone utilities.

All have been written out of necessity, to enhance and complete the GS8 environment. I decided to write my own stuff as that way I can fine tune it for the specific context of ps text documents. Eg the HAM8 viewer is intended to be good for text as well as pictures, and also to be usable in every single graphics mode. I've also made some effort to remove the lurid-HAM distortions one sometimes gets: this is done by rotating through which of r,g,b changes whenenver there is a choice, this way the HAM8 will always stabilize in 3 pixels if you move the screen left to right etc. I think these are all gone now.

Convert IFF files to 24 bit rgb JPEG with: iff_to_jpeg This understands HAM8 and other HAM formats plus normal IFFs.

Convert 24 bit rgb JPEGS ( == JFIFs ) to HAM8 or 216 palette IFF files. using jpeg_to_iff :grey scale jpegs are always converted to 256 shades of grey IFF.

Print 24 bit rgb JPEGs via Turboprint 3+4+5+6+7 see this page for details about jpeg_to_turbo eg

jpeg_to_turbo xyz.jpeg

View JPEGS in HAM8 window or 216 colour window viewer with whooshjpeg.

The 216 colour palette is always identical r,g,b take on all possible combinations of

0,51,102,153,204,255 thus spanning neatly the full colourspace: produces good results.

The HAM8 function has been improved: for line of identical pixels, r,g,b are reset in rotating fashion this prevents lurid HAM effects. Also you can now exit by typing any ordinary keyboard key: funny key sequences are ignored eg Amiga-M, so you can return to WB without exitting. This was needed because closewindow gadget sometimes was out of reach! If I made it in reach then there was unpleasant overscan restrictions!

Uses maximum overscan screen,

:can interactively select any Amiga graphics mode eg I always use NTSC super-hi-res-laced HAM8 viewer! You can interactively set an x and y scaling factor to resize the window if its too small. Just type:

whooshjpeg xyz.jpeg

for interactive settings.
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