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DOWNLOAD: iff_to_jpeg IFF to JPEG converter. Self documenting: run with less than 2 arguments for info, you can set quality of JPEG compression 1-100. eg:

iff_to_jpeg xyz.ilbm xyz.jpeg 100

Will convert any IFF picture including HAM8 and other HAM IFF files.

Requires jpeglibrary.lha

last updated 1030pm Mon 24th March 2003.

I've just written + tested initially an iff-to-jpeg converter. It converts any IFF file to 24bit jpeg,

My iff-to-jpeg converter is done via iffparse.library on the iff side and jpeg.library on the jpeg side.

So by combining iff-to-jpeg with jpeg-to-ps: jpeg2ps.lha by Thomas Merz, you can convert IFF to PS which can be fed to GS8 to print!!!

I have printed out Venus.LoRes on my Lazer via GS8 using this method!

I will also write a jpeg-to-iff program, with the option of 216 colour palette IFF or HAM8 IFF. :Got some other things to do first though!

(POSTSCRIPT: this converter is now done, I put some urgency on making this when I realized it was very important because it allows one to then move freely eg

Dpaint IFF <---> Internet JPEG <---> DTP GS8 PS ----> Printer )

216-colour palette is more useful for editting. This will then solve the problem of GS8 outputting colour IFF files! :I'll reuse my HAM8 code from whooshjpeg as that functions quite well. I'll extract that HAM8 code and capture it in a subroutine rgb-line --> HAM8-line. The 216 colour code I'll redo from scratch. (POSTSCRIPT: I did exactly this!)
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