web page last updated Thursday 22nd January 2004

Due to chaos this webpage is being subdivided, new info will be inserted at the top of the sub-pages.

A lot of new improvements have now taken place since the release

Thursday 22nd January 2004: from 2004 onwards new developments will be put onto the main homepage. Various improvements to the viewer scrolling have been done, click here for info

At the moment I have been looking at an rpm related idea. So I havent begun yet the major new gs8 work, though I have made several improvements to gs8's viewer scrolling.

During December 2003 I will be unable to do any computing, every year I get zilch programming done in December, from mid January 2004 onwards I can resume programming. This leaves me only about 1 week in 2003, really I need to allocate 2 weeks on gs8 to get interesting new stuff done. So really, major new work wont happen till 2004. I tried to begin some new work on gs8, but one obstacle led to another which led to another and I have got myself totally mired! I believe BTW that the current gs8 has a lot of mileage in it. I am trying here to be honest about what will and what wont happen. ie I am trying to avoid vapour, so I wont make it appear like things will happen when they wont. An accurate version of events is: work on substantial new developments will be started on during 2004 sometime after mid-January and probably by the end of February. So it is quite likely I can begin to wake up the project somewhere between 15-Jan-2004 to 15-Feb-2004. I envisage at least 1 month in total of programming required for the different new things I want to do with the program. Anyway, the existing port has only been out for 4 months, it has barely had time to breathe! The project at the moment is kind of sleeping with a "do not disturb" sign on the door.

Fri.22.aug.2003: A longstanding website problem has at last been fixed: if you click on an lha archive from Ibrowse it will now automatically download. The problem was fixed by uploading some obscure hidden file to the site, thanks to Alexander Niven-Jenkins for sending me the file (.htaccess) + explanation thereof.

Website and docs feedback (sun.27.jul.2003.evening)

New versions of the program (IMPROVED VERSION OF GS8 PROGRAM: wed.20.aug.2003.#?am, NO-FPU version of this available now: tue.9.sep.2003.3am 68040-FPU version: wed.26.nov.2003 )

Auxiliary things eg Installer script and stand-alone GUI (thur.22.jan.2004.night: GUI info)

Turboprint feedback (wed.20.aug.2003.#?am)

AGA Viewer feedback (tue.29.jul.2003.1230am)

Cyber Viewer feedback (wed.20.aug.2003.#?am)

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